Best 35 inch all terrain tires

Narrow mud tires
You would always want to use narrow mud tires when it comes to a slick mud with hard bottom layer terrain. Why? The narrow mud tires can penetrate through the top layer. In the process, it can find traction on the hard surface (situated below the top layer). Given the same situation, if you use wide tires, the truck will only stay at the top layer (slick mud) and not get into the bottom layer (hard surface with traction).


Wide mud tires
Wide mud tires are best used on thicker mud (that is higher in viscosity, not slick). This is especially true if the terrain below the surface varies unpredictably. On this type of mud terrain, the wide tires can almost “float” and “swim through” the thick and viscous mud.

Another advantage of the wide mud tires is they provide better contact with the mud. Why? It’s because you don’t need much pressure when you inflate the wide mud tires. Therefore, less tire pressure, more traction. Again, how much pressure you inflate depends on your preference and mud situation, as well as your experience.

Thread patterns
This is the most important feature when you are looking for mud tires. A good tread pattern design should be able to channel mud away effectively while the wheel is spinning. You’ll also notice different mud tire manufacturer brands have entirely different tread patterns altogether.

What’s most important is the¬†are able to “self clean”. Otherwise, mud will get stuck between the gaps in treads and the tires eventually loses traction (becomes a slick tire with no treads).

Given that you choose the right mud tires, you should be able to crawl your way out of the mud. Don’t flip the truck now!

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