Best benchtop jointer for beginners

The paper washers are for slight adjustments to compensate for variations in material thicknesses. A dado accessory consists of two outside blades, four 1/8″ and one 1/16″ chippers that are used between the blades. Width of cut, which can range from 1/8″ to 13/16″, is controlled by the number of components that you mount.

Since there can be some minute variation in nominal wood and even plywood thicknesses, paper washers are supplied for mounting on the arbor between the components; thus you can make slight adjustments in width of cut. Click to see larger view Figure 3-19. The dado accessory mounts on the 5/8″ molder/dado arbor which is then locked in the Mark V’s main spindle. The dado accessory is mounted on a 5/8″ molder/dado arbor which locks on the Mark V’s main spindle (Figure 3-19). Warning: Be sure the tongue washer is used under the hex nut and the threaded shaft of the arbor is flush or extends past the end of the hex nut. Never use chippers alone or mount chippers with only one outside blade, because a kick-back hazard is created.


Arrange chippers so they are evenly distributed and so their swaged cutting edges align in the gullets of the outside blades (Figure 3-20). Click to see larger view Figure 3-20. Chippers are always used between outsidee blades. Situate the chippers so the swaged cutting edges are in the gullets of the outside blades.. Use the special dado table insert with the dado accessory. The Model 500 insert is shown. Because the dado accessory makes extra-wide cuts, you must use a special table insert that accommodates it/

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