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This double baby stroller look like two separate strollers match together. There are two seats arranged in a horizontal line. This kind of arrangement help you adjust the best positions for each baby and even when you change the position for the first baby, the second will not be affected. Different from other double stroller that have one capacity for the whole stroller, this one has the capacity at 50 each. Many people find this great while other have some problem with it. If you have one baby over 50 lbs, you should go for another models. At the price tag $173, this stroller is really worth to buy.

BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller

It’s very hard to find any double baby stroller which rated 5 stars by over 30 buyers like this one. If you own this one, you will see this stroller is the combination between a jogging and walking model. The great design of the wheels let you go to anywhere on any surface with ease. For some reasons you have to travel through place which is not flat, the shock absorbers will make you feel secure. Your babies can still enjoy their sleep. The front wheel can also be locked to provide great stability to the stroller. However, if you are on budget, you should think to take another one because this “great” will take $569 away from you.


If you really look for a double baby stroller, the above are just fine to pick. You can go for any model because they are great and endorsed by many previous buyers.

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