Best Tree Removal In Sydney


A healthy, properly pruned tree should last 5-7 years before pruning is necessary again. Often times I am
called to a clients house who have had their trees pruned by someone who claimed to be an Arborist. The work
had been done 2 years previous, and now the trees are full of deadwood, and waterspouts are popping
up all over the place.


Why? Simply put, they removed branches from the tree, without knowing why.
Often times deadwood and watersprouts are removed, and the roof is cleared and they think the job is
done. This is not proper pruning. It is quick, but no problems were solved. Before removing any branch,
dead or alive, you must have a reason why, and you must know the results of your actions. Improper cuts,
too much live tissue removed, or live tissue remove from the wrong area of the tree are common

 Best Tree Removal In Sydney

Tree Removal Sydney | ShanesTrees experts are trained in safety first. This includes moving through a tree using a rope and saddle
technique. Not only does this equipment provide fall protection, but it also provides a higher level of
efficiency and speed. All of our trimmers are taught proper climbing and safety techniques before they are
ever taught to prune.
Often times while driving through neighborhoods, I see “gypsy” tree services using ladders to get
themselves to heights of 30, 40 and even 50 ft. or I will see them free climbing to the same heights with 
no fall protection whatsoever.
Without exception, I have never seen anyone properly pruning a tree, who was free climbing or pruning
from a ladder. This is as ridicules as a Fireman fighting a fire without fire protective clothing, or smoke
inhalation protection.
Remember Folks, many trees share a common root system. What your neighbor does or doesn’t do to his
trees, will have an effect on the entire neighborhood. This is why you see many dead trees in disease
centers, all over Sydney. These disease centers are the result of poor tree care practices.

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