Choosing your next paint color?

Evaluate the New Paint Colors

When at the hardware store, don’t buy large quantity of paint. There are tips on mother how to Purchase only a small amount of paint such as a quart or so for evaluation purpose. When at home, test the new paint color on a section of a wall with a paint brush or roller. If you don’t want to paint it on the wall yet, you can do so with a piece of large plywood or a wallboard scrap. Paint the plywood and set it against the walls.

Observe the new colors at different time of the day such as in the morning, during the evening and at night. The lighting (including artificial light) at different times of the day will have a very different effect on the color. Observe the effect and evaluate the result for several days.

More Color Testing

You are encouraged to perform more color testing such as tinkering with more peach or less pink or make it a little bit yellowish. Do whatever is necessary in small amount of paint until you are happy with the results. The cost of testing with a variety of paints might be expensive if you add up all the expenses but it’s better to set it correct in the first place rather than having to repaint the whole wall.

If You Plan to Sell the House

Stick with mainstream colors if you plan to sell the house. Mainstream colors will tend to appeal to prospective buyers.

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