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The ignorance of using backlinks is a grave mistake. When it comes to backlinks, you need to concern about their quality, not the quantity. Stay focus on getting clean backlinks from relevant, reliable and reputable sources; otherwise, a penalty is on the verge of happening to your site. Keep in mind that quality always wins.



User experience
In 2015, Google especially cares about user experience. Webmaster Guidelines show that “Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant results and a great user experience”. There are 2 common elements that Google usually utilize for identifying whether your viewers were pleased with your site or not: bounce rate and average time per visit.
• Bounce rate. This is the proportion of viewers who leave your website instantly after viewing 1 page only. If this rate is high, it means that your viewers are not satisfied enough.
• Average time per visit. The more time your visitors use on your site, the happier they are.

eVendor SEO agency Sydney

Site speed
Over 60% of your viewers will click the close button on your site if the load time is over than 3 seconds. Google used site speed as one of the important ranking factor in 2014, and until now, it has maintained its position. Therefore, let’s improve your speed right now.

Social signals
In reality, there is a very close connection between social signals such as likes, shares and your site’s ranking. Some SEO experts has divided the effect of those social signals to SEO ranking: direct an indirect.
Direct impact comes from:
• Number of people that like your social network sites
• Number of people share your posts
• Number of people’s post mentioning your brand or adding a link to your site
Indirect impact includes:
• Increased inbound links
• Increased positive reviews

SEO agency Sydney
Those criteria are quite clear and understandable. Let’s take a look on your site’s results and improve it as soon as possible.

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