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Movies are a way for you to escape to an alternative world and become involved in complex relationships. Romantic films have a way of tugging on your heart strings and making you feel invested in the characters. Knowing which movies to watch can be difficult, but if you are a romance lover there are definitely some go-to options. Good movies to watch exist if you are willing to look for the best options available. Stick to these classics and enjoy a night of romance from the comfort of your couch.


Bridges To Madison County

This is a timeless romantic movie that has everything you could ask for. It follows the path of Francesca as she begins to question her journey in life and takes a unique turn. She begins to journal her experiences with Robert Kincaid as he has come to chronicle this region for National Geographic. This epic love story has many twists and turns as secrets are revealed and lives are changed. You only wish your love life could resemble that passion that is palpable on screen.

The Notebook

This amazing romantic film catapulted the careers of both Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. In the Notebook, you follow the love story of Noah and Allie as they meet and immediately fall deeply in love. However, their young love is tested by time and Allie’s parents. Noah’s different wealth status makes him not the ideal option for Allie and they end up going their separate ways, because Allie feels as though he left and never contacted her again. This all changes when they meet again years later and see that their love is as strong as ever. The obstacles that they faced in the past still exist and they are left to sort out their feelings. Epic movies to watch are rare, but this is a romantic film that you must see.


This might be the most romantic love story ever told on screen. Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet play young loves that meet and begin their romance aboard the Titanic. This movie combines passion, romance, suspense and adventure into one unforgettable film that will capture your heart. The characters are extremely likeable and you can’t help but root for Jack and Rose. However, you already know the fate of the Titanic, but you don’t know if their love will be strong enough to carry on.

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