How to look for GrooveFunnels complete review

My personal experience with GrooveFunnels was a positive one; I have had the opportunity to review several of their products and give my honest feedback. After trying several different products, I have found that GrooveFunnel makes a great product to use with the various children’s games and is especially useful in making your own funnels out of paper.

GrooveFunnels complete review

The GrooveFunnels complete set consists of five individual Funnel Pieces (four black and one red). These can be mixed and matched together to make the different shapes that you need for your games. They are available in plastic, or you can buy them in different types of cardboard and add them to your own funnels as well.

These funnels can be used with almost any game you may have in mind, including puzzles and board games. The only thing that I wish they could do better is to make the Funnel Pieces last longer than the usual two minutes or so it takes to dry them off. However, as long as they are dry by the time the game is over they work very well.

Since these are Funnel Pieces, you are limited to the designs that come in the set.




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