law of attraction – Cooperative Reality

The law of attraction is one of the oldest known principles that many people have tried to understand. It is a concept that the universe, the universe of things, and consciousness are all inter-related. Just as many other religions have ideas about God or that which lies beyond the world of senses, so does the Law of Attraction have its own explanation and model of existence. There are many different types of practices that this principle can be applied to.

law of attraction –¬†How It Really Works & How To Use It

If you go to a philosophy class, you will most likely hear the word “logic” mentioned a few times. Logic is a method of categorizing in order to come up with a conclusion. Logic does not give an absolute answer but rather, it is the method by which a conclusion is reached. Logic allows for multiple possibilities, therefore, when using logic in practice, the results can vary from person to person.

The Law of Attraction is different. It takes no definitive answer and applies no rules to one’s existence. It is the result of our belief systems. People and things can and do change the outcome of the Universe. If the Universe wants something, it will bring it about.

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