Looking For Acoustic Guitar Lessons?

I picked up the guitar some years back and I’ve had loads of fun jamming on the thing ever since. It feels AWESOME just knowing you can pick up an instrument and play your favorite songs just like that!

Now, if you’re just started picking up the acoustic guitar and you’re looking for some good, solid acoustic guitar lessons online, then you’ve come to the right place. Because I put together all the fundamentals you need to know about learning basic guitar chords all right here in one place.


In fact, this is what you’re gonna learn:
The proper way to hold your acoustic guitar – so that you don’t strain your wrist and hands (and also so that you play well!)
Fretting and how to make sure you are pressing down on your guitar strings properly
The proper way to hold your guitar pick
How to tune your acoustic guitar properly – it’s no use having a guitar that sounds out of whack…
How to read guitar tablature – if you’ve ever come across guitar tabs and have NO idea what to make of it, well… I’ll show you how to read them and you can start making music straightaway
How to play the major guitar chords – learn just a few of these and you can play entire song instantly!
How to strum your acoustic guitar to your favorite tunes and more…

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