Making a Craft Stick Birdhouse

For my mother, who collects birdhouses, I made one of those. This proved to be very adorable, it could be used for holiday or someone who likes birdhouses.

For this mission, a hot glue gun is needed. To begin with, use a pattern is best. I’ve used my pattern with a piece of cardboard. I traced out the wall and the height ceiling on the cardboard, which is what I needed (about six tiny craft sticks per wall). I just cut out the pieces. I drew a line on the bars, I needed the height and I cut the bars with towering scissors.

Pin on MATERIALS: Wood Craft Sticks

When you cut all your pieces, stick the sticks to the pattern of your carton. Standing up to each other, place a bead of glue between the walls, tie them. To assemble, stand up to each other. The top of the house was achieved by adding the sticks to the roof pattern in a comparable way. I cut out two tiny triangular pieces of the size I needed to get a sloping roof. If you can’t get the craft sticks as small as you want, you are likely to painted the bird house simply because of the splitting.

Join the carton bits in a triangle to the bird’s front and back wall. Then mount the portions of the roof to triangles. When the birdhouse was set up I painted it and added a dark circle to the front to open the house. I finished by hanging a piece of reef on the back. This approach is not only for bird houses, you can build them in various sizes and make your own small village.

To know more : CheckĀ glue sticks

Deliveries Required:

Sticks of wood craft (Popsicle sticks)

Painting art

Quite heavy scissors

Gun for Hot Stick

Sticks of the neck


Belt or raffia (for hanging)

Little birds of mushrooms

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