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You’ll be making a wise investment to increase the beauty and value of your living space using wooden flooring, but you should first use every available resource – such as the lessons learned on this site – to empower you in choosing, purchasing, installing and the maintaining of your new wooden flooring.

Be it oak, pine, or heart pine flooring, the environmentally friendly wooden flooring product will become a true work of art; a physical expression of nature’s beauty beneath you and your family’s feet. With antique wooden flooring, you can be sure that no tree was harmed in the making of your floor, and embrace the unique characteristics of the antique wood grains that simply are no longer created in trees harvested today.

Because wooden flooring has such a long life cycle, one of the longest of any natural building material, wooden flooring has become a top floor choice for families everywhere. Not only does wooden flooring bring a characteristic beauty and warmth to your home, but the floors can last generations. Antique wooden flooring adds an additional depth of character. The rich color and tight grain pattern has already persisted for generations, possibly originating from the factories that built the Industrial Revolution, or possibly as a building or barn from all around the United States that have endured many a torturous season.

For many, the look of wooden flooring is desired over a concrete slab or radiant heat system, due either to a need for dimensional stability, or possibly repairability requirements. Engineered wood flooring of reclaimed, antique wood offers many advantages. Hours of attention and craftsmanship are poured into the treatment that goes into any and all antique wooden flooring. Each piece of wood is hand selected to be made into antique wooden flooring that’s just right for any home, be it solid hardwood flooring or engineered wooden flooring.


Many people look for natural products to place in their home and want to create earth-friendly homes where they can feel completely surrounded by nature. Nothing is more natural or environmentally friendly than antique wood flooring. Old wood flooring can become a gorgeous spectacle in your house that provides reliable movement of warmth throughout all your living spaces, saving you energy costs while providing a beautiful landscape. With green flooring, what is abandoned by the elements or, in some cases, thrown away, will regain life as awesome hardwood flooring in someone’s home.

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