Tesla aandelen kopen

Although the headquarters of Tesla are in California, the Netherlands can also share a bit in the success of Elon Musk. The European headquarters has been relocated from Great Britain to Amsterdam. Tesla also tries to take over the European market from Amsterdam.

Sometimes the authorities help them well.

Scandinavian governments, in particular, encourage the use of electric cars and, as a result, are installing additional charging stations along major and important motorways. This can be a positive boost for the number of Tesla sales.

Tesla is not only to be found in Amsterdam, since its largest distribution center in Europe is located in Tilburg. Here cars are assembled and sometimes also repaired. Her first factory has been here since 2013, but a second one has been added since 2015. The people from Brabant can be proud that a large and progressive company has established itself in their region.


What is Tesla’s current rate?
Before you invest in Tesla aandelen kopen it is important that you analyze course. When does the price go up? In which activities from industry does the price drop again? The price of Tesla has actually only risen since its foundation. Musk’s revolutionary approach has certainly worked and Tesla has now become a global brand that is best known for its durable cars with a sleek design.

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